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The Definitive Introduction to Knives, Sharpening, and Cutting Techniques, with Recipes from Great Chefs
By Josh Donald, Photography by Molly DeCoudreaux

Gifts for cooking enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes, but the very best ones are decidedly pointy. Knives are the backbone of the kitchen. Whether you're slicing, dicing, trying your hand at a tournee, jazzing up a crudité platter with some julienned peppers, mincing garlic, chopping broccoli, or filleting a freshly caught fish, there's a knife for the job. Which blade should you use and how should you care for it? Well, that's what this gift for chefs is all about.

Sharp is a book that bills itself as "The Definitive Introduction to Knives, Sharpening, and Cutting Techniques, with Recipes from Great Chefs," and it's all true. As a gift for cooking enthusiasts, this book delivers instructional gems and how-tos galore combined with full-color photos that bring each step to life. Add in 15 recipes from great chefs like Melissa Perello and Stuart Brioza and this is a brilliant gift for someone who likes to cook and wants to improve their abilities to near Michelin-like levels.

These days, everyone can flip a burger, but only the best gastronomically-inclined gurus can whip their boning knives and chef's blade into tip-top shape. Our culinary weapons of choice last longer when they're professionally maintained, and our edible creations come out looking and tasting better too. Empower your BFF or favorite foodie family member to be their best behind the cutting board by wrapping up their very own copy of Sharp.

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