Singing Pasta Timer

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Have you ever wanted to sing a song of spaghetti? Or perhaps you prefer a marinara-inspired melody? How about a chorus of capellini? A ballad of bolognese? A ditty of ditalini? An anthem of angel hair? Would a lullaby of linguini be taking this word play too far(falle)?

Okay, we’ll behave — that’s more than enough puns for now, and besides, it’s time to tell you where the real talent lies, and that’s in this Singing Pasta Timer. The timer is designed to look like an old-timey gangster, complete with a violin case that may or not be holding a sawed-off shotgun. <gulp> But the real piece de resistance is what happens when it’s time to boil your pasta. The gangster goes off at three, seven, nine, and eleven minutes, each timer signaling that a certain type of pasta is al dente and ready to eat. Will you fish out your noodles to the sound of That’s Amore or grab your strainer as The Godfather Theme sounds loud and clear?

This gadget is humor incarnate and yet it’s wildly practical too. It’s perfect for aspiring cooks who are still learning how to serve up an authentic plate of pasta, as well as talented chefs and casual foodies who love nothing more than a fun gift, great food, and good friends to enjoy it all with.


  • Al Dente is dishwasher safe, but place it headfirst.
  • Do not use Al Dente with a microwave.
  • Do not use Al Dente with fresh pasta, unless you use fresh pasta with a minimum cooking time of seven minutes.
  • To silence the Al Dente, run it under cold water for 10 to 20 seconds, or by placing it in the refrigerator for a bit.
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