Sobriety Test

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By Forrest-Pruzan Creative

Sobriety Test is a hilarious and raucous game that will have friends reeling just to prove they're totally "with it." This game will challenge memory, speech, and composure, and that's with or without drinking!

For most of us, happy hour is a chance to kick back, enjoy a martini or margarita, and hope we don't make total fools out of ourselves. For other people, it's an excuse to play the William Tell Overture on their buttcheeks and post too many selfies on social media. To each their own, but that second group might be having just a tad more fun. Want to liven up the festivities without showing everyone on your timeline your weird side? Try taking the Sobriety Test.

Gauge your drunkenness from the comfort of your own home -- or your buddy's abode, if you prefer -- with this hilarious game that uses trivia questions to test how many sheets to wind you truly are. Can you still sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" backward? (Could you ever?) How about managing a curtsy while balancing a ball on your closed fist? Some games test your mental mettle while others challenge your physical prowess. Either way, there are sure to be giggles and groans galore. With 75 game cards, 36 scoring chips, and all kinds of props on offer, you've got everything you need to entertain your guests and yourself for hours to come.

Buy this as a gift for a 21-year-old who should focus more on showing up their friends than doing endless shots or pair it with a beer gift to please your favorite homebrewer. Looking for wine gifts? This works for that too. Our advice? If you score an invite to play, come prepared to compete.


  • Hinged hardcover box
  • 75 game cards
  • Die
  • Paper blindfold
  • Baton
  • Rope loop
  • Juggling ball
  • Timer
  • 36 scoring chips

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