Sparkling Wine Making Kit

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Exhausted after a long day? Bubbly will fix it. Ready to celebrate a major accomplishment or special holiday? Champagne’s got your back. Happy? Reach for the cava. Sad? Same suggestion applies. The only thing that could make a flute filled with fizzies even tastier would be if you made the contents yourself.

This Sparkling Wine Making Kit has everything an aspiring vintner needs to make wine at home — and no, we’re not talking about the weird Prohibition-style yuck people used to whip up in their bathtubs. This kit produces the real deal thanks to bevy of supplies like Chardonnay juice, sparkling wine yeast, a glass fermentation jug, cleanser, corks, wire cages, and more.

Each kit makes five bottles. Send a box to a pal who has always wanted to DIY their favorite beverage or surprise Dad with a comprehensive, easy-to-use introduction to a brand new hobby. This present is self-perpetuating too; whoever gets the kit can make bottles of bubbly and regift them to others. So really, you’re not just buying a gift, you’re helping spread joy, and isn’t that worth clinking glasses in celebration?

Included In the Kit:

  • Chardonnay Juice, Sparkling Wine Yeast & Yeast Nutrient for 1 Batch
  • Glass Fermentation Jug
  • Hydrometer
  • Racking Cane
  • Tubing
  • Tubing Clamp
  • Screw-cap Stopper
  • Airlock
  • Cleanser
  • Corks (5)
  • Wire Cages (5)


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