Steampunk Lamp

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Designed by a mad scientist, this lamp bears all the marks of the deranged, tortured mind that created it. The green faucet, for example, serves no purpose whatsoever and just sits there doing absolutely nada.
Or take the 5.5’ long cord: there’s a perfectly fine, normal switch on it. Yet the red valve also serves as an on/off thingy when you keep turning it around and around till the cows come home.
But it’s not even a dimmer! So what’s the point?
Yet somehow, and in spite of its lunacy, the whole piece comes out looking really great. Go figure. Apparently, crazy is the new beautiful.

Plumbing pipes, 40 W Edison bulb included, clock needs 1 AA battery (not included).
Dimensions: 12.50”L x 9.00”W x 20.25”H.
Packaging: ugly brown box with Styrofoam protection.

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