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Flowers are nice and chocolates are tasty, but you know what Mom really wants? A break. For years, she’s been putting everyone but herself first — and she likes it that way. But that doesn’t mean her body isn’t in desperate need for a head-to-toe break. Thank goodness these Supermom Slippers are on the scene to help pamper your mama’s feet even as they tickle her funny bone.

These Supermom Slippers are the epitome of casual luxury thanks to plush, cozy construction that will make mom’s toes feel like they’re encased in clouds. Whether she’s running between the stove and the washer finishing up some chores or taking a much-needed rest in front of the TV, these slippers will help your madre tick off everything on her to-do list without ever sacrificing comfort. And thanks to the hard rubber sole, she can even run out and grab the mail without missing a beat.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the slippers feature the title “Supermom” and a cute little heart embroidered on each toe box. You know she’s the queen, why not give her a gift that makes sure no one ever doubts her position as family royalty?


Our Slippers are perfectly plush, highly cozy, and super easy to wear. The kind of slipper you want to slip on as soon as you walk into the house and never take off, the hard rubber sole makes walking outside simple while the unique embroidered design adds personality. Choose a design or saying that best represents you or given these slippers as a memorable gift to your loved ones. Slip into the comfort your feet deserve.

Comfy, cozy, function -- we have taken great care in designing these slippers to not only be as relaxing to wear as possible, but to stand up to years of use. The 100% plush polyester is soft to wear with or without socks, it holds in heat, and it is durable.

Q: How is the design added to the Slippers?
A: We use a highly durable, beautiful embroidery process that will remain elegant for years to come.

Q: How does the sizing work?
A: Because we know slippers are best when there is some room to move around, we offer ours in two sizes. Small/medium for women’s sizes 6 - 8 and medium/large for women's sizes 9-10.

Q: How are the Slippers packaged?
A: We take great care in packaging the slippers in clear pouches with the printed design showing. This makes traveling, gifting, and organization a breeze.

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