The Best Dad Jokes

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What’s better than one awful pun that you can’t help but giggle at? Get ready for aching sides and oodles of laughter-induced tears, because this book of The Best Dad Jokes is packed to the gills with 301 fabulously awful jokes that your pops will tell over and over again with unending glee.

Tired of hearing your dad regale friends with the same two puns? Sure, everybody laughs, but it’s time for dear old Dad to get some new material — and here it is. This collection is the best of its kind, with enough jokes to last an entire road trip or even stretch through the holiday season. There are original illustrations too, so Dad has something to look at while the rest of you are groaning over the last couple punchlines.

For the intellectual dad who wants his jokes with a side of education, there are some sidebars with trivia, insight into how some legendary dad jokers got famous (or is that infamous?), and pointers to help Dad perfect his pacing. In other words, this gift for your dad is also like a gift for yourself — he gets to increase his repertoire and you get to hear something other than “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Finally!


  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 272
  • Size: 5 x 7 inches

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