The Confession Album

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100 Revelatory Life Questions
By Eve Claxton, By Emma Parry

Inspired by a Victorian parlor game, this deluxe journal asks 100 intimate, philosophical, and eye-opening questions for readers to answer themselves or to ask a friend. Divided into categories like character, influences, science, love and relationships, and more, it asks questions like, What times have you feared for your life? Whom do you most love to make laugh, and why? When, if ever, has it been necessary to take revenge? With a vintage look and feel, this biographical guided journal is a timeless keepsake, designed to share and store one's deepest confessions.

Retro stuff is all the rage, so it shouldn't be surprising that this take on a Victorian parlor game is the new must-have gift on all the coolest people's lists. Skeptical? Parlor games might sound like something you'd snooze through after fluffing your petticoats and quietly sipping a spot of tepid tea, but this book has more edge and interest than you might expect.

The Confession Album is a structured, smartly laid-out place for someone to catalog their deepest secrets, grandest dreams, and most sacred memories. There are 100 revelatory life questions that act as prompts, all divided into categories such as science, influences, love and relationships, character, and more. Have you ever feared for your life? Who do you love to make laugh? Variations of these questions and so many more help users get to the very core of what makes them tick.

Record all the answers and you get a final product that's more biography than journal. Detailed, fascinating, and worthy of keeping for decades to come, The Confession Album is perfect for gifting to that special someone you'd like to know more about. Whether you're curious about your significant other, hoping to learn more about your grandparents, or looking to give friends a book that helps them better understand themselves, this introspective diary is the perfect fit.
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