Budding Branch Bracelet

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You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s impossible to improve on the incredible beauty produced by Mother Nature, but there might actually be something out there that’s a step above. This Budding Branch Bracelet takes inspiration from the natural world and turns it into a long-lasting, wearable work of art.

Another masterpiece from Nancy Nelson, this stunning bit of jewelry is cast from natural budding branches to create a network of intertwined strands featuring the actual texture of real wood. The bracelet is malleable, so it adapts to most wrists and is easy to get on and off, and it comes in both brass and sterling silver so you can match the lucky recipient’s existing aesthetic.

For the woman who prefers delicate jewelry with an organic flare, this cuff is an absolute winner. Eye-catching, elegant, and the perfect mix of fashion and bohemian charm, this bracelet emphasizes sustainability and quality to help the wearer feel more connect with the world around them — and downright stylish to boot.


  • Beautiful budding branches are cast in brass or sterling silver to capture the delicate details
  • 0.25” wide, 2” diameter brass

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