Toast coasters (Set of 8)

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Leave it to an up-and-coming Brazilian designer to take an everyday item we hardly notice and turn it into a whimsical bit of décor we can’t help but appreciate. Most coasters are prized simply for their functionality. They pretty much have three jobs: absorb sweat from cold drinks, keep the table from getting unsightly water rings, and making sure dad’s beer doesn’t making any noise when he thumps it down between sips so mom doesn’t totally lose her cool. These Toast Coasters can do all of that but they also deliver a dose of whimsy.

It all boils down to their shape. Each cork coaster is shaped like a piece of toast but the design is subtle. There are no brightly colored pats of butter or smears of faux jam. Instead, it takes the onlooker a moment to understand that this is no plain slab or cork and the realization is enough to bring on a fit of giggles. The set makes a smart hostess gift and the coasters can immediately be put to use protecting surfaces from a hot mug of tea, cold flute of champagne, or ice cold tumbler of herb-infused lemonade. All that’s left now is to find a matching set of cups that look like bacon and eggs.


  • Material: Cork
  • Includes 8 "slices"
  • Packaged in the shape of a bread loaf
  • Size (per Coaster): Length 4", Width 4"

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