Travel Stub Diary

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By Eric Epstein

"One's destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things." -- Henry Miller

Organize travel memorabilia with this handy take-along album.

Travel is about so much more than hitting the highway and checking out the sights. Sure, Rome's Colosseum and the Grand Canyon are legendary in both history and scale, but once you pull away from the physical monument you're left with one thing: your memories. Now you can help your favorite globetrotter preserve those incredible impressions thanks to this Travel Stub Diary.

While most gifts for teens are somewhat frivolous in nature, this present sets up soon-to-be graduates to start their adult travels off on the right foot. The book's protective sleeves over two differently sized slots ideal for storing everything from museum brochures to business cards. Use the white space in the margins to scribble down notes about the adorable couple who ran that B&B in France or the hilarious bouncer who let you into that nightclub in Turkey. Souvenirs will stay in like-new condition for years thanks to acid-free pages, so your memories are protected in more ways than one.

Grab a few as gifts for the women in your life who are always up for another adventure or stock up on these keepsakes as gifts for travelers who always come up with a suitcase full of pamphlets and ticket stubs. When mementos are organized this brilliantly, they stop being trophies and turn into keys that unlock those recollections we thought were lost on the road. How cool is that?


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