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A Journal to Win Your Day Every Day
By Neil Pasricha

Every morning, you wake up faced with two options: coffee or an even bigger coffee. Just kidding. Your caffeine consumption can certainly have a significant impact on how your day will progress, but there are more important factors at play, namely how you'll choose to deal with whatever the universe throws your way. Will you sink deep down into a messy case of the Mondays? Will you vow to leap over unexpected hurdles in a single bound? Will you greet the annoying lady from three cubicles over with a giant smile now matter how many times she steals your brown-bagged PBJ?

Support your loved one's decision to be a better person with A Journal to Win Your Day Every Day. This handy tool comes from the same people who put out the bestselling Book of Awesome and its companion, Journal of Awesome, both of which established the same theme seen here: just a few minutes every morning can help you win your entire day. Use the included prompts to banish stress, zero in on your daily intentions, and infuse your mindset with gratitude for all you have and all that you will achieve.

Give someone this book and you give them the potential for endless amounts of happiness and fulfillment, and that kind of present doesn't even need a bow.

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