USA States Photo Map

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Did you know that the United States is the third largest country in the world if you measure according to landmass? That’s nearly as big as all of Europe (which is a continent, by the way). Within our 50 states, we have all five of Earth’s climate zones, the world’s largest freshwater lake (Lake Superior), and a postal delivery route that still uses a mule. If you know someone who loves to travel, give them a reason to bucket list the entirety of our great nation with this USA States Photo Map.

Better than a photo album and far more permanent than Instagram, this photo map is like a highly artistic collage. Each state becomes its own frame; insert a selfie, a family pic, or a snapshot of an iconic local site. Eventually, you’ll complete the map and be rewarded with a DIY work of art that doubles as a highly visible trip down memory lane.

This is a masterpiece of a present for anyone who loves travel. They can use it to track where they’ve been, plan where they’re going next, and catalog all their crazy adventures along the way. And that’s a big deal indeed.

  • Measures 24 x 36 inches
  • Includes Photo Map, Gift Tube, Glue Dots
  • The map comes rolled in a protective cardboard tube
  • Frame is not included. Fits 24 x 36 inches frames


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