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If you had to guess, how many ties, books, and huge pieces of partially glued macaroni art has your dad gotten over the years? Probably more than you – or he – can count, and every time he smiled and fawned over the package like you’d just given him the key to the kingdom. This year, reward Pops with something he’ll both like and love and, even better, actually use with these Vouchers for Dad. Like coupons for a cause, this voucher booked is crammed full of unique gifts that trade your time and energy for a heaping helping of Dad’s happiness. Gift him control of the remote, offer him a grouch-free car wash, or reward all his hard work with a coupon good for one uninterrupted nap. There are 17 other priceless prizes just waiting to be discovered and you can hand them out all at once or dole the out over time just to remind your favorite dude that you never forget everything he’s doing for you.

Grab a pack for a birthday gift bag, put it beside his breakfast plate on Father’s Day, or give them to your own kids so they can surprise your husband with something other than some stinky drugstore cologne or a coffee mug, because nobody wants to deal with that stuff. Again.


  • Empower dad to request desires—from “Control of Remote” to “Car Wash”—on the schedule of his choosing
  • Give pops what he’s always wanted: your time
  • Kids, we’ve got unique gifts for dad covered
  • 8 x 3.25 inches; 20 unique coupons
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