Vouchers for Friends

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When’s the last time you let your best friend pick out exactly what they wanted? Friendship is usually a compromise, which means that you and your closest acquaintances decide on activities together. Whether it’s what movie to watch or which of your crushes you’re going to go low-key stalk first, you’re like two decisive peas in a pod. For your bestie’s birthday, why not let them sit in the driver’s seat for once? These Vouchers for Friends award the recipient 20 different creative gifts that focus on events, projects, and intangible treats rather than material goods. It’s a simple gift that can quickly become more memorable than you can imagine.

Tear out the designated driver voucher and ditch the Friday night beers in favor of getting your gang home safely. Let your bud redeem the bitch session voucher and promise you’ll be all ears and no judgment for however long it takes them to vent out their frustrations without being subject to the unwelcome dose of reality you’re longing to dish out. It’s all the essential elements of a die-hard friendship bound into a little book and it might well be the best gift you ever give – aside from your undying devotion and killer ability to keep secrets, that is.


  • Empower your friend to request desires—from “Honest Opinion” to “Treat for Dinner”—on the schedule of his or her choosing
  • The perfect birthday, holiday, or pick-me-up present
  • Show a friend that you really care—over and over again
  • 8 x 3.25 inches; 20 unique coupons

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