Warmable Cute Plush Animal

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What if you could express mail a hug? Whether you’re lucky enough to celebrate your special someone in person or wishing them well from thousands of miles away, you can deliver a comforting squeeze courtesy of this Warmable Cute Plush Animal.

Both the young and young at heart will fall in love at first sight the second they lay eyes on these soft and fuzzy critters. Choose between Lucky the Dog and Lovey the Lamb, and you’ll quickly discover that this irresistibly cute duo is hiding a very special secret. Both plushies contain a lavender-scented insert that can go in the microwave, resulting in a warm and wonderfully aromatic cuddler that’s perfect for warding off a wintery chill or soothing sick kids (or their parents).

People of all ages will practically beg for a chance to hold on tight. It’s a gift that will see them through story time, road trips, long flights, a case of the sniffles, family movie nights, winter storms, and more. All you have to do is wrap one up, hand it over, and watch as they instantly bond with their new BFF.


  • Lavender Scented
  • Approximately 10" long

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