Watch Movement Cufflinks

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What’s cooler than upcycling one accessory to make another? Why, finding a way to reinvent your boring old suit, of course. There’s no reason you can’t be professional and still be a punchy dresser, especially when your flare is subtle enough to pass muster in even the stuffiest of boardrooms. When you want to add interest to your pinstripes or bring personality to your button-down, reach for these Watch Movement Cufflinks.

The design geniuses behind this pair of cufflinks took old watch parts and repurposed them with very stylish results. A flashy network of gears, pivots, wheels, and screws sits in a sleek pewter base. Simultaneously sophisticated and infused with a vintage air, these pieces are as dynamic as they are unique.

The cufflinks come packed in a fancy gift box, all ready to deliver to that special someone who appreciates dressing outside of the box. Great as a conversation starter and guaranteed to set the wearer apart from the crowd, this is one surprise you’ll definitely feel proud to present.

  • Set in pewter findings and made in our Bay Area studio
  • Each cufflink measures 1 - 1.25" in diameter
  • Comes packed in a gift box

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