Wine Cork Candles

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The most disappointing thing about a bottle of wine is that eventually has to come to an end. Draining that last drop of vino is downright depressing, especially if the bottle itself is a work of art. From beautiful labels to the captivating green and brown hues of traditional wine bottles, the vessels our Cabernet and Riesling come in can be their own mini works of art. Now those containers are winning a reprieve from the recycling bin and dumpster and getting a second life as a holder for these Grapevine: Wine Cork Candles.

They make look like wine corks but these petite candles are actual wax replicas made to emulate the real thing. The fit snuggle into the mouth of a standard bottle of wine, much like a regular cork would, but the tiny wick sprouting out of the top gives away the candle’s secret identity. Bring a set to your host as an accent for the accompanying bottle of wine and watch your gift transform as dinner turns into dessert and drinks. Each candle is good for around three hours of soft, fire-lit fun, so you and your friends can enjoy your present as you play games, talk shop, and sip on the second bottle of vino you always remember to bring.


  • Rustic chic accent to any used wine bottle
  • Includes 4 wax candles
  • Each candle burns for approximately three hours
  • Tapered base fits easily into any bottle
  • Makes a great gift

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