Wine Wars Trivia Game

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When game nights and wine tastings collide, incredible things happen. Here’s one of them. This Wine Wars Trivia Game pits battling factions against each other in a quest to find out who knows more about the grapey deliciousness that is wine. Adult beverages will be consumed, knowledge will be tested, and only one participant can emerge victorious. Will it be you?

Great for people just beginning their love affair with wine as well as seasoned sommeliers, Wine Wars Trivia Game includes questions that cater to all skill levels. Queries like “Which country leads in wine exports to the United States – France, Italy, Spain, or Chile” and “Which cheese is a classic match with Cabernet Sauvignon – aged blue, feta, or mozzarella?” include several possible answers, giving even newbies a fighting chance at ending up at the top of the scoreboard.

The game includes a staggering 750 questions too, so you can play this over and over and over — or at least as long as your cellar stock holds out. Pair this game with a bottle of wine for a hostess, holiday, or birthday gift that will be as much fun to play is it was to pick out. But hey — no fair studying up ahead of time. We’re sure you’ll do "grape" either way.


  • Size: 6 3/4 x 4 3/4 x 2 3/4
  • Hinged hardcover box with magnetic closure
  • 150 cards (750 questions)
  • 6 game boards
  • 90 game pieces
  • 1 die
  • Illustrated map of the wine world

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