Winter/Summer Shaker Set

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Celebrate the changing seasons with every sprinkle of salt and pepper when the table is set with this Winter/Summer Shaker Set. They may look like snow globes, but instead of a wintery scene and a flurry of snowflakes, these see-through containers are meant to be filled with spices. Pile them full of seasoning and they look just like your typical glass salt and pepper shakers, but as the spices are gradually used up two fun figures – one cactus and one evergreen tree – are revealed. It’s an infusion of nature right in the middle of the dinner table and there’s not a prickly cactus spike in sight.

For culinary geeks and décor enthusiasts who crave something new and different to add to their kitchen, this shake set definitely fits the bill. Give a pair to a nature buff who misses Christmas in the summer and the warmth of summer once the temperatures drop or help your favorite kitsch collector fill their shelves with an item they can actually use as well as display. A festive present that’s suitable all year round, these shakers never wear out their welcome.


  • Each shaker is refillable
  • Spices not included
  • Handwash shakers
  • Each shaker mounts on tray
  • Icons appear as spices deplete
  • Height - 6cm. Diameter - 4cm

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