Wireless Phone Charger

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You know what’s no fun at all? Fumbling with your phone as you try to insert a teeny tiny charger tip into a teeny tiny charger slot. It’s even less thrilling when you’re trying to go to bed or just getting up and your eyes are too squinty to see anything but blurry walls and something that resembles a nightstand. Introducing the charging cable cure-all: Meet this handy-dandy wireless phone charger!

Solve someone’s phone woes with a charger that is almost completely cordless. Rather than plugging in, you just place your phone on the base and your device gets juiced up like magic. As if that weren’t enticing enough, the charger is also lovely to look at. The main piece is hand shaped out of solid wood into an attractive geometric shape that’s the perfect blend of natural and contemporary, and the stainless steel bottom and cork feet ensure longevity while protecting your desk or dresser from any accidental scratches.

Get one for yourself, for your friends who hate tangled-up cords, or for anyone who might not have the dexterity (or patience) to fight with a charger when time is of the essence. This is the ideal gift for just about anyone with a compatible smartphone and a love for good-looking gadgets.



  • Hand Shaped in solid wood, QI-enabled 10W charger.
  • Made of one solid piece of wood covered with stainless steel bottom and cork feet. Case compatible - works with most cases up to 3mm thick.
  • Compatible with iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus, and all Qi-enabled devices.

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