Wooden Lux Tie

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There are tons of feminine options for ladies who want to blend rustic chic and a bit of elegance. From boho dresses to rhinestone-studded boots, it’s surprisingly easy to waltz from day into night, but what about guys who are a little rough around the edges but still like to look nice? In the interest of equal opportunity rustic fashion, may we present this snazzy Wooden Lux Tie.

While at first glance this tie may look like a solid slab of wood (and really, how uncomfortable would that be?), it’s actually an intricate network of pieces that come together in a cutting-edge diamond design that boasts more than 40 points of flexibility. That’s right — it’s a tie made of wood that moves when you move! It’s lightweight, too, keeping things free and easy.

Grab one for the modern guy who loves to stand out from the crowd. This eye-catching, one-of-a-kind accessory is just what the urban cowboy ordered. Who says the boardroom and a barn wedding don’t have anything in common?

  • Wood Species - Walnut & Mahogany
  • 40 points of flexibility and cutting-edge diamond design, guaranteed to bring enough energy to the dullest of meetings, and compliments from the most luxurious of cowboys
  • Length - Varies based on height
  • PLEASE NOTE - Wood may be subject to be inverse from what is seen on main image.  For example, on the Walnut/Maple tie, the dark and the light may be switched to replace to their opposites.  The alternating pattern between your two chosen woods will remain the same. Thanks for your consideration on this!

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