Woof Necklace

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They say that dogs are man’s best friend, and whoever “they” are, they’re absolutely right. Humans and canines have been BFFs for ages, creating a legendary relationship that is cherished to this day. If you have a dog, you know that you’ll never eat alone, sleep alone, watch TV alone, go to the bathroom alone, or miss the arrival of the mail. Dogs are loyal, mischievous, funny, grumpy, snuggly, and there even when you don’t them to be. And now you can honor your loved one’s attachment to their furry pal with a necklace that says what Rex or Fido would say if he ever got the chance.

This Woof Necklace spells out every dog’s signature phrase in shining metallics. Woof is a four-letter word that can mean anything from “I love you” to “You clearly bought the wrong brand of kibble. Mine is supposed to have filet mignon and lobster in it. Try again.” A delicate chain and sloping script gives this piece a feminine feel, while your choice of finishes ensures the final aesthetic will be a perfect fit for whoever is lucky enough to unwrap this pet-friendly present.

Mother’s Day, a birthday (the human’s or the dog’s), Christmas, and beyond — every day is a good day to give someone you care about a nice woof.

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