Zodiac Necklace

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Anyone who has spent an evening staring at the stars knows there are mysteries galore scattered across our skies. Peer through a telescope or even look up with the naked eye and you'll spot an entire zoo of twinkling creatures. A ram here, a bear there, some lady holding scales in the middle —zodiac signs and the constellations associated with them make stargazing even more interesting. And now the magic (or is it mystique?) of the universe gets up close and personal with this stunning Zodiac Necklace.

At the end of a declare 14k gold chain sits a coordinating pendant studded with sparkling cubic zirconia representing each star in the chosen constellation. It’s a beautiful nod to your loved one’s birthday, or you can choose a constellation that has special meaning — perhaps the month you met your significant other or when your child was born.

It’s a sentimental gift that’s ideal for everyday wear but absolutely distinctive enough to throw on with a little black dress for a big night out. You may not be able to lasso the heavens for the ladies you love, but you can give them a piece of the celestial art that’s as memorable as it is exquisite.

  • Constellation Custer Necklace Made of CZ Gold Stars
  • 16" Chain
  • 14K Gold
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comes In a Gift Box

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