How to Swear Around the World

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Some people believe that paying your bills on time is the ultimate sign of adulthood. Others think that being an adult means buying a house, getting married, having kids, or knowing how to do your taxes without asking the web things like “can I deduct my cat’s anxiety medicine?” To each their own, but we’re pretty sure that you’re not all grown up until you can curse up a storm in at least three languages.

Thankfully, How to Swear Around the World is helping people of all ages break down borders one naughty word at a time. Forget phrasebooks that prime travelers to ask for the bathroom or order another cup of coffee. This handy guide is full of the most explicit, ornery, and downright jaw-dropping ways to be a foul-mouthed fool no matter where your travels take you. Give someone a funny gift that’s also highly useful for those traffic jams in Turkey, rude waiters in Russia, or runaway livery cabs in London.

There aren’t many gifts for guys that could empower the recipient to curse the enemy or tell a stellar “yo mama” joke that’s universally understood, but this book can do all that and more. A travel charger or electronic translator may be a more practical gift, but this book is friggin’ priceless.


  • By Jason Sacher
  • Illustrations by Toby Triumph
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