60 Hour Candle

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The phrase "none of your beeswax" originated in the 1500s, when angry peasants would fight over the yearly wax harvest. Those mad scrambles for limited inventory often led to all-out battles with each person fighting over little waxy nubs so they could light their homes well into the night. When someone would ask a fellow wax hunter where they got their stash, they'd often hear the reply, "None of your beeswax!"

Okay, that's a total lie, but when we say that this rope-style beeswax candle is both steeped in tradition and highly practical, that's the cold honest truth. Rope candles were used for courting back in the 1600s. Parents would notch a cut into the coiled wax and when the candle went out, date night was over. The more promising members of the dating pool got the long-cut candles while the scrubs were left with the short rope. The long rope went to the suitor of choice, while all other got the "short" rope. We took this concept and brought in into the 21st century by building a new design that with a patented clip that extinguishes the candle automatically. Our new designs makes the Candle by the Hour the safest candle in the market.

This 60-Hour Candle won't fizzle in the middle of your attempt to Netflix and chill, but it will burn for a whopping 60 hours and self-extinguish when the cotton wick burns down to the clip. Lovely and unique, this coiled candle is just the kind of conversation piece that makes people sit up and smile. The metal copper-tone stand has a vintage industrial feel while the sleek wick holder gives off a more elegant vibe. Grab one as a gift and give your teenager a time limit on that upcoming big date, or give a candle to someone who appreciates a piece of history with a modern twist.


  • Self-extinguishes when the flame reaches the clip
  • Each inch burns approximately 20 minutes (feed 3 inches up for an hour)
  • This candle will burn approximately 60 hours
  • Made from beeswax with a cotton wick
  • Metal copper tone stand with a sleek, elegant wick holder
  • Unique design that is both rustic and innovative


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