Whiskey FREEZE Cups (set of 2)

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The argument over neat vs. ice has divided whiskey lovers for eons. Proponents argue that a cube or two can open the spirit up, allowing more of the natural essences to emerge, but opponents are adamant that all you’ll get is a diluted drink and a lot of nasty looks. Finally, the whiskey wars can come to an end thanks to this one-size-solves-all-problems invention. The Whiskey FREEZE™ Cooling Cups (set of 2) by HOST® chill down drinks from the inside out, making ice and other cold inserts completely unnecessary. Pour in anything from vodka to a can of soda and enjoy a frosty beverage in mere minutes.

It all comes down to the propriety FREEZE™ cooling gel. The slinky stuff sits silently within the walls of the cups, waiting to get to work. Stick the Cooling Cups in the freezer for a few hours and the gel sucks in the cold, insulating your drink far longer than a regular glass or ice cubes would be able to. No diluting your carefully crafted cocktail, no waiting for a just-purchased bottle of booze to sit in the fridge and reach the desired temp. Instead, you’ve got high quality mixed drinks on demand. Snag a pair of Cooling Cups for someone who often forgets to think ahead and you’ll be thought of fondly every time happy hour rolls around.


  • After just 2 hours in the freezer, the proprietary cooling gel in our Whiskey FREEZE™ will keep your favorite spirit chilled for hours
  • Inside the BPA free plastic walls of HOST® Whiskey FREEZE™ Cooling Cups lies our proprietary cooling gel. This gel was precisely engineered in house to keep any beverage the perfect temperature for hours
  • Each cup is constructed with an insulated silicone band for comfortable handling
  • The set includes two HOST® Whiskey FREEZE™ Cooling Cups. Each cup can comfortably accommodate 9 ounces
  • Hand wash only
  • For the best results, place the Whiskey FREEZE™ upside down in the freezer for 2 hours to allow the gel to evenly spread and freeze

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