Cross Stitch Map

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A world map printed on cross stitch fabric and mounted on a wooden frame. Record every far-flung holiday or adventurous road trip with colourful cross stitch.

Where is your life going to take you? Help your nearest and dearest map out their journeys using this interactive and highly personalized Cross Stitch Map. Perfect for crafters, travel enthusiasts, and even geography buffs who want to track their studies, this map puts the creative control back where it belongs – with the map’s new owner. How does it work? It’s fantastically simple. Each continent on the atlas is made up of a gray grid that acts as a guideline for your intrepid cross-stitcher. That old saying about “x” marking the spot? Dozens of little marks will forever decorate the countries that make up recent travels until the entire map is a breathtaking exercise in vivid color and unforgettable adventure.

The final effect is only as limited as the recipient’s imagination. Use a different color for every country or every trip. Connect each leg of a journey with a tiny thread so you can literally travel trace your travels. Stitch in graphics and words that highlight each locale – a tiny bowl or ramen just offshore from Japan or a pineapple to remind you of that delicious tour you took in Hawaii – or weave in your travel companion’s name. Roll it up and take it on the road with you or use your map as a way to unwind and remember once you’re safe and snug back home. It may just be the best bon voyage gift you’ll ever give or get.


  • Pine wood frame
  • 11 count polyester canvas
  • 594 x 450mm.
  • 4 colored embroidery threads and 2 embroidery needles included

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