"Nuts About You" Gift Box

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When it comes to surprising your guy with a gift that pampers his precious jewels, it’s impossible to overestimate how much he adores his undercarriage. After all, this isn’t just any real estate — it’s a prime piece of property that hopefully means as much to you as it does to him. So, before you take your next joint trip down under (ahem…), surprise him with a “Nuts About You” Gift Box that ensures every inch of his bits and pieces smells like heaven.

Lather up, buttercup! This sudsy set includes Ballwash, an activated charcoal body wash, Nut Rub, a solid cologne, and the uproariously named Sack Spray, a deodorizing spritz. In other words, these gifts for your boyfriend are going to instantaneously improve what he does in the bathroom, so you can better enjoy everything you two do in the bedroom. Now that’s what we call a win-win.

It’s not often that your list of possible gifts for your husband includes a funny gift that has a practical application as well, so enjoy all the giggles that erupt as your dude unwraps his collection of cajone cleaners. Whether it’s a birthday surprise, Father’s Day gift, anniversary gift, or just because his gonads could use some gussying up, this “Nuts About You” Gift Box is guaranteed to please.


  • BALLWASH - Most Men's body washes leave you smelling like a bottle of cologne exploded on you, GROSS. Ballwash smells great with a clean fresh scent without being overpowering.
  • NUT RUB - Nut Rub is the way natural cologne should be done. Solid, portable and ready for action on any and ALL parts of your body and now available in three incrediball scents that are perfect for any occasion.
  • SACK SPRAY - Sack Spray is a pH balanced on-the-go refreshing spray that is formulated to help neutralize odor and skin irritation.

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