Whatever Wall Clock

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These days we’re all overscheduled. Our to-do lists are rivaled only by our anxiety levels as we race from school to work to extracurricular activities and try to pack in some entertainment and a meal or two in the meantime. Somewhere between early morning yoga and late night ice cream the urge to throw our hands up in the air tends to become overwhelming. Instead of watching your busy buddy get frustrated yet again, remind them to smile with this Whatever Wall Clock.

Forget sleek, digital models or fancy clock projections; this time piece is all about the whimsy and humor is most definitely not in short supply. Rather than standard, evenly spaced numbers, the Whatever clock features a tumble of digits all piled up in blatant disarray. It’s as if the universe has heard our tired battle cry and answered with its own burst of blasé. Have a kid who’s never up on time no matter how often you set their alarm? Love your husband or wife even though they’re constantly five minutes late? Know in your heart of hearts that every time you meet your bestie you’re going to get the “almost ready to walk out the door” text? Ditch the sense of defeat, embrace a serious case of c’est la vie, and give them this clock to show that you’re in on the joke.


  • A real working clock, but all the numbers have fallen, and rest jumbled on the bottom of the clock
  • Clock is ideal for the home and office and an amusing gift for the perpetual latecomer
  • Requires 1 AA battery, not included
  • Size: 12” X 12”

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