Eve™ the Doodles® Woman

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What are little girls made of? According to the nursery rhyme, the fairest form consists of sugar, spice, and everything nice, but our friend here might disagree. Made of artfully coiled strands of stainless steel and held together with aluminum rivets, this fine feminine figure is a tribute to female strength with an intriguing splash of whimsy. Eve™ the Doodles® Woman can strike almost any pose. Make her dance, sit, stand, bend, turn, twist, do a downward dog, wave hello, or assume a superhero stance. She’ll listen to stories about a bad day without offering up a snarky response, hold onto notes and meeting reminders without complaint, and liven up a boring desk with a dose of wit and silent wisdom.

Reward a hardworking friend or artsy family member with a new pal and let the adventures begin. She won’t do laundry, clean the bathroom, or call you on time for dinner but what she lacks in housekeeping skills she more than makes up for in attitude. Afraid Eve might be lonely? Give her a couple companions in the form of her equally bendy buddy Adam and their dog Rover. Combined, the trio makes a truly memorable gift for someone who loves quirky pieces and interactive toys.


  • Handmade of stainless steel wire with aluminum rivets, Eve™ the Doodles® Woman's ingenious joints enable her to strike any pose
  • Product Dimensions: 2.2 x 2.3 x 10.7 in

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